Add a show to an existing subscription

If you’ve already created a show or channel subscription, you can add more shows at any time.

Add shows to a channel subscription

A channel subscription offers a premium experience that generally applies to multiple shows. A show can only be associated with one channel and subscription at a time.

  1. In Apple Podcasts Connect, select your channel.
  2. On your channel page, under Shows, click the plus sign.
  3. Select the shows you’d like to add.
  4. Click Add.

Add shows to a show subscription

A show subscription offers a premium experience for a single show. If you’d like to broaden your subscription to offer a premium experience across multiple shows, you can expand to a channel subscription by following the steps below.

When you add shows to an existing subscription, your current subscribers are maintained.

  1. In Apple Podcasts Connect, select your show.
  2. On the Subscription tab, scroll to More Actions.
  3. Choose “Add Shows to a subscription.”
  4. Click Next to expand to a channel.
  5. Give your channel a name and description.
  6. Click Create Channel.
  7. Upload a logo image and select a background color. Learn more about artwork requirements.
  8. Upload an icon.
  9. Click “Add shows and publish.”

All channels and subscriptions must comply with our content and subscription guidelines and are reviewed before they’re available to listeners. Learn more about our review process.

After you publish your channel, you can adjust the subscription pricing, if needed. Learn how to manage subscription pricing.

Merging subscriptions

Subscriptions cannot be combined. To add a show subscription to a channel subscription, or vice versa, remove one and move your content to the viable subscription. Keep in mind, subscribers are impacted when you remove a subscription.