Remove a subscription from Apple Podcasts

If you no longer want to offer a subscription, you can remove it from your show or channel in Apple Podcasts Connect. When you remove a subscription, all artwork and content for your promotion, banner, and icon are deleted.

All subscriptions are canceled. Subscribers receive a refund for monthly or annual subscriptions on their latest purchase at the time of the next billing attempt.

How shows and episodes are affected

For shows or episodes containing both subscriber audio and RSS feed audio, only the RSS feed audio remains available on Apple Podcasts. Former subscribers will continue to be notified about new episodes published through your RSS feed if they’re also following the show. 

Shows or episodes that contain only premium subscriber audio are removed from Apple Podcasts. Subscribers will no longer be able to play premium subscriber episodes they’ve previously downloaded. 

Communicating with subscribers

Consider adding a short episode to any show currently offering a benefit which notifies subscribers that you’re removing the subscription. If you plan to continue publishing new episodes via RSS feed, encourage your subscriber base to follow your show in Apple Podcasts by tapping the plus sign in iOS or by clicking +Follow.

You can publish a short episode on your RSS feed, or create an episode in Apple Podcasts Connect. When you add subscriber audio, choose “Anyone can listen on Apple Podcasts.”

How to remove a subscription

  1. In Apple Podcasts Connect, search for or select a channel from your dashboard.
  2. Under More Actions, select Remove Subscription.
  3. Confirm that you understand existing subscriptions will be canceled.
  4. Click Remove.

You can also remove a subscription by archiving a channel, show, or episode. Learn how archiving your content affects subscribers.

Restart a subscription

You cannot restore or restart a previous subscription, but you can create a new one. Listeners must resubscribe, even if your benefit offering is the same. Learn how to set up a show subscription or set up a channel subscription.