Content Setup

Find a hosting solution

You'll likely use a hosting provider to help you create and distribute your RSS feed. If you offer a subscription or are considering doing so, be sure to select a host who supports Apple Podcasts Subscriptions.

Use a hosting provider

A host takes the elements that form your podcast and creates an RSS feed which you submit to Apple Podcasts Connect. Hosting providers can also help manage your RSS feed, investigate technical issues, and more.

See a list of Apple Podcasts hosting providers who can help you.

Manage your own web server

You can create a podcast RSS feed and host it on your own web server.

Apple strongly encourages you to use a hosting server that supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) from a trusted root certificate authority. This security technology will allow you to generate an HTTPS RSS feed URL. For example,

Keep in mind that any RSS feed you create must conform to our podcast requirements.