Marketing and Promotion

Apple Podcasts Social Post Generator

Create social assets as unique as your show.

The Social Post Generator makes it easy to create eye-catching artwork to promote your podcast on social media. Whether you want to highlight a show, episode, or channel, there’s countless options to help you spread the word. 

Promote your show, episode, or channel

The Social Post Generator automatically pulls in your channel, show, or episode artwork and titles as they appear on Apple Podcasts. Customize each asset with a headline to announce new shows, revisit past episodes, showcase multiple shows in a channel, highlight special guests, and more. If your show appears in Top Shows, you’ll also see headline options to promote how you rank in Apple Podcasts Charts. Easily adjust the background color and size of each asset, preview and download your work, and set up the link to your podcast — all from one place.

How to use the Social Post Generator

  1. Go to the Social Post Generator.
  2. Click Show, Episode, or Channel, and search for a title.
  3. Select the show, episode, or channel you want to promote. The asset generator will use the artwork and title that appear on Apple Podcasts.
  4. Customize your copy by choosing a headline from the menu.
  5. Customize the background color. Choose from a palette of colors or use the color picker by clicking Show Colors. From the color picker, click the Color Wheel tab on the top left, then click the water dropper to add a selected color to your asset.
  6. Choose asset sizes. Assets are available in sizes designed for all social media platforms and types of posts:
    • Feed posts: 1300x740 landscape assets for Facebook or Twitter, or 1080x1080 square assets for Instagram
    • Story posts: 1080x1920 vertical assets for Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok Stories
    • Website ads: 300x250, 320x480, and 480x320 assets
  7. As you customize assets, preview your work in all selected sizes at the bottom of the page.
  8. Click Download Assets to save full-resolution files to your computer. This may take a moment, but assets will be accessible in a Zip file, typically in your Downloads folder.

Prepare and publish your assets

Set up links

When you’re ready to post your promotion on social media, be sure to include a link to the podcast. Find the full URL, or generate a short URL, at the bottom of the Social Post Generator page, below the asset previews. You can also customize each link with an affiliate token and campaign name. 

Post your assets

Once you’ve customized your assets, downloaded the files, and prepared your links, you’re ready to post. Be sure to tag @ApplePodcasts on Facebook and Twitter so that we see your posts.