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Elevate your marketing assets

Marketing is how you get more eyes and ears on your show. And no matter how you choose to market it, you should always make it easy for your audience to find and listen.

Apple Podcasts marketing features.

Apple Podcasts gives you assets that make it easier to promote your show and use the Apple brand to elevate both your digital and printed marketing materials. Visit the page below and enter your show or episode title in the search bar to check out the features for yourself. 
Access the marketing features

Make the most of Apple design, but before you use any official Apple badges and branding, including the Listen on Apple Podcasts badge, be sure to review the Apple Podcasts Identity Guidelines.

Let’s take a look at the features.

Social Post Generator. Social media is one of the most important ways to connect with listeners and to keep them updated about your latest shows and episodes on Apple Podcasts. Easily create eye-catching posts with tons of options to update your listeners about your guests, new trailers, upcoming seasons, fan favorites, channels and so much more. There are options for every major platform as well as banner ad sizes for the web.

Embedded players. Let people listen to your podcast anywhere on the web with just a click. Listeners can play an episode, browse recently published episodes, and open Apple Podcasts for iOS, iPadOS, or macOS to learn more and subscribe. There are four different sizes of the player, and each size will automatically adjust to fit your website’s width. Safari can even display the player in Dark Mode to create a more immersive listening experience. Web embeds are available for all shows and are supported in more than 100 languages in 155 countries. Access embed players in Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools or directly from the Apple Podcasts Preview pages on the web. Simply click the share button and “copy embed.”

Links. Send listeners to your show with links that automatically open your podcast or a specific episode on the Apple Podcasts app. You can access links in Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools by searching for a show and either copying a “content link” or generating a short version. Here’s an example of a short link for the Apple News Today podcast:

Badges and lockups. The Listen on Apple Podcasts badges and lockups identify your show with a brand and icon that resonate with tens of millions of users around the globe. Since Apple Podcasts comes installed on over 2 billion devices worldwide, these assets make it easy for people to know where they can listen to your show. Add a badge to your website, to social media images, and on any advertising materials to create a clear and memorable call to action.

Apple Podcasts app icon. The Apple Podcasts app icon helps listeners instantly identify your show as a podcast and links them directly to your podcast by opening the app on their device.

QR codes. Give your audience a quick way to listen by adding QR codes to marketing materials. QR codes are barcodes that contain information that can be accessed by your device’s camera. Instead of searching for your show, listeners simply open their Camera app and point it at the QR code. Then the code automatically directs them to your show on Apple Podcasts, where they can subscribe and start listening.

Once you’ve explored the features, learn about where you’ll be using some of these assets on social media.

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