Marketing and Promotion

Connect on social media

Social media is an important tool that lets listeners follow shows, engage with hosts, and share their thoughts. On the flip side, these accounts let you, the creator, develop a more meaningful connection with your fans and reach a wider audience at the same time.

The major platforms.

Get the conversation started by posting regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then encourage your fans to join in by giving your handles a shoutout in each episode. Don’t get discouraged or expect to go viral overnight. Each social platform has its own nuance, so take some time to learn which platforms work best for you. Just be sure to set up accounts across all the major platforms.

So, what should you post?

Think about what your fans want to see. They already love your show, so simply give them more to love. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Keep your audience engaged with conversations around topics that relate to your show, and link them to your favorite articles.
  • Make your feeds interactive, with polls asking fans about future topics or quizzes that test their knowledge. Keep the conversation going by responding to comments.
  • Post a healthy mix of images and videos to keep your feed fresh, but remember that different platforms often need you to create custom-sized assets. It’s easier than ever to create custom posts using the Social Post Generator tool to keep your listeners updated about your latest shows and episodes.
  • Make it easy for people to know where they can listen to your show. Add a “Listen on Apple Podcasts” badge to your images to create a clear and memorable call to action. And don’t forget to tag @ApplePodcasts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Show off more, so more listeners tune in.

Remember that you can use social media to grow your audience. Make a habit of plugging your podcast and regularly sharing excerpts and catchy sound bites from each episode. You can also introduce guests by tagging them in social posts to drive reach and encourage sharing. Keep a lookout for new ways to promote your show as you grow — some platforms give you additional features when you reach a certain number of followers.

Make it easy to listen.

Ideally, listening should be one click away. Be sure to include links to your podcast in social posts, bios, and even Instagram Story stickers. An easy way to generate short links for your posts is through the marketing tool box. To create a short link:

  1. Enter your show or episode title in the search field.
  2. In the search results, click the show or episode.
  3. Scroll to the Short Link section.
  4. Click Generate Short Link, and then click Copy Link.

Reach a wider audience.

You never know where your audience may be. Try experimenting with platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and TikTok to see what content connects with users outside of the major platforms. Think about ways to establish yourself as an expert in your field or build a community around your fanbase. Get to know each platform by posting different content and learning what connects with each audience. Social media requires an investment of your time, but when done right, it can bring your podcast the exposure you need.