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Search on Apple Podcasts

Use Search to find shows, channels, and episodes on Apple Podcasts.

How to use search

Start typing a search term in the search box. Once you start typing, suggestions will appear to help you find what you’re looking for. Tap a suggestion or finish typing your query and tap the Search button to see the most relevant results.

To search all channels, shows, and episodes available on Apple Podcasts, tap All Podcasts. Toggle to Your Library to search only the shows you follow and episodes you’ve saved or downloaded. Filtering search to Your Library is a great way to quickly find podcasts you’ve listened to or saved.

How search works

Search finds the best possible match to your search term and presents the most relevant results at the top. Some of the main factors that Apple Podcasts uses to order your Search results include:

  • Metadata: this includes the show name, channel name, and episode title
  • Popularity: podcasts with large followers and plays in Apple Podcasts 
  • User Behavior: podcasts with high engagement, such as those that are played or followed from search results

Like charts, while ratings, reviews, and shares help indicate a podcast’s newness, popularity, and quality, they are not factored into Search results.


Search will only display the channels, shows, and episodes creators made available in each country or region. Apple Podcasts is available in over 170 countries and regions and all are enabled for new shows by default. Learn more about availability and distribution. If your show does not appear, troubleshoot podcast availability.

How to improve your ranking

The more listeners engage with your new shows and episodes, the higher they will rank for relevant search terms, so make sure to promote your shows and episodes on Apple Podcasts when they launch.

Make sure your channel name, show titles, and episode titles are specific and unique so they may appear in relevant searches. Be distinctive and avoid using names that are too generic or too similar to existing shows. Avoid using emojis and repeated episode titles.