Manage Your Podcast

Availability, rights, and release date


You can select where you want your show to be available on Apple Podcasts. By default, all countries or regions are selected, but you can deselect territories where you don’t want your show to appear. You can add this information before you submit your show and make changes at any time. Edits to availability appear on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours. Keep in mind that free and paid content tied to the same show must have the same availability.

Edit show availability

  1. In Apple Podcasts Connect, select your show.
  2. In the sidebar, select Availability and Rights.
    • To make your show available only in specific countries or regions, click Edit. Select the checkbox next to the countries or regions you want to include and deselect the checkbox next to the countries or regions you want to exclude.
    • To make your show unavailable in all countries and regions, select “Don’t make available.”

Important: If your show includes subscriber audio and you remove it from any country or region, your subscribers will lose access to it. If you remove the only show in your channel with subscriber audio, subscriptions will be canceled.


By default, your show is available for distribution through the Apple Podcasts catalog. When “make this show available for distribution” is checked it exposes your RSS feed URL to our API, and makes your show discoverable. Podcasting services rely on the catalog to discover new shows. By opting in, your show can reach a larger audience. You can opt out at any time, but if opted out your show will only be available on Apple Podcasts.

Content rights

Shows that contain third-party content must have all the necessary rights to that content or be otherwise permitted to use it under the laws of each country or region in which they’re available. Copyright holders can notify Apple of content disputes or copyright violations.

Learn more about content infringement and digital rights management (DRM)

Show release

You can update the release date and time for your show anytime before it’s available on Apple Podcasts. The release time is based on the time zone you’re in. For example, someone in California would set a time based on Pacific Standard Time (PST).

After your show goes live in any country or region, you can no longer specify a release date or time. 

If you remove your show from Apple Podcasts temporarily and want to re-release it, adjust the availability settings. Your changes will be reflected on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours.