Troubleshoot podcast availability

If you submitted your content to Apple, and don’t see it on Apple Podcasts, make sure:

  • Your show, channel, or subscription has been approved and shows a Published status.
  • Your show release date precedes the current date.
  • Your show has clearances in all appropriate countries and regions.
  • The country or region you’re looking at supports the type of content you’re offering.

RSS feed availability

If new episodes don’t appear on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours after publishing them on your feed, try the following: 

  • Check the show’s status in Apple Podcasts Connect to determine if there are any warnings or errors.
  • Confirm the missing episodes don’t include an <itunes:block> tag.
  • Manually test the feed to confirm it works.
  • Ensure the missing episodes don’t include duplicate GUIDs or <enclosure> tags as Apple Podcasts will ignore the duplicates.

Subscriber audio availability

If you’re a member of the Apple Podcasters Program and don’t see your subscriber audio episodes on Apple Podcasts, an Admin on your account should make sure:

  • Your Apple Podcasters Program membership is active.
  • Your Apple Podcasters Program agreement is active.
  • On the episode details page, your subscriber audio settings show an available date in the past and the access is set to either subscribers only or everyone.
  • Your show with subscriber audio has an approved subscription or is added to a channel with an approved subscription.