October 05, 2022

Five steps to start your Apple Podcasts Subscription

Starting a subscription for your show just got easier. Here’s how.

Starting today, once you're enrolled in the Apple Podcasters Program, you can set up an Apple Podcasts Subscription for your show with just five simple steps.

  1. Choose a show in Apple Podcasts Connect and click the new Subscription tab on the left.
  2. Upload your icon and subscription artwork. Learn more about artwork requirements.
  3. Add your benefits messaging. Learn how to write an effective promotional message.
  4. Choose your pricing. We recommend adding an annual price and a free trial.
  5. Upload your subscriber audio.

When you’re ready, submit your subscription for review. If you’re setting up a new subscription for a single show, you no longer need to create a channel first. You can add shows to your subscription at any time. If you’d like to offer a subscription for multiple shows, check out this video about how to create a channel.

Need more help?

Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect and use this step-by-step walkthrough as a guide to setting up a subscription. You can also register for a live, virtual session to dive deeper.