Sales and Payments

Payments and financial reports


In Apple Podcasts Connect, go to Payments to access finalized data for monthly earnings, amounts owed, and payments made to you. The data is based on Apple’s fiscal calendar.

Access to reports

Apple Podcasts Connect users must have the Admin, Legal, or Finance role to view this area and download reports. To check your access, or if you’re an Admin looking to grant access to a member of your team, go to the Account section on Apple Podcasts Connect and click on the People tab.

When managing access, keep in mind that all Apple Podcasts Connect users on your team with the Admin, Legal, or Finance roles have access to your company’s confidential financial information.

Getting paid

In order to receive payments for sales, the following requirements must be met:

  • You have an Active agreement. Without this, your content will not be available for sale, so you will not have any earnings. Click through and accept the most recent agreement, then supply banking and applicable tax information as soon as possible. There is some processing required by Apple so your agreement will not be activated immediately. We suggest completing these steps first. To review the processing status of your agreement, go to the Business section of Apple Podcasts Connect.
  • Your proceeds exceed the minimum payment threshold. If your bank territory and bank account currency is listed in the minimum payment threshold table you must exceed the minimum payment threshold listed. All other bank territories and bank account currencies must exceed a minimum payment threshold of US $40. Apple accepts one bank account and makes one payment to that account during each monthly payment cycle. It is not possible to split payments for sales. Payments are sent to the bank account on file at the time a payment is processed.

Downloading reports

Report types and availability

Financial reports are automatically generated once a month, based on Apple’s fiscal calendar. Reports can be manually downloaded from Apple Podcasts Connect.

Individual financial reports per country or region

You will receive a financial report for each area where we can pay you in the local currency. If you change the countries or regions where your podcasts are available for sale, the number of reports you receive may increase or decrease accordingly.

Single report for all countries or regions

You have the option to download a single financial report that includes data from all currencies you sell in. These are available once all respective individual currency reports are available.

Detailed report

A detailed report is available once a month with proceeds per transaction date and settlement date.

Reports generated monthly

Financial reports show your monthly proceeds, as well as final unit sales by country or region and order type. They’re automatically generated once a month, based on Apple’s fiscal calendar, and are only generated if there are purchases or refunds during that fiscal period.

Financial reports are made available for the previous fiscal month’s earnings by the first Friday of the current fiscal month. You can sign up to be notified by email as soon as your financial reports are available each month.