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Ratings and reviews

How ratings and reviews work on Apple Podcasts


Listeners have an opportunity to rate your podcast on a scale of one to five stars. When a listener rates your podcast, it informs your podcast’s average rating, displayed on your show page.


Listeners can also add a written review for your show. Reviews can have titles and descriptions and are displayed below the average rating on each show page. Listeners can post one review per show. Tap Write a Review again to edit your review.

Reviews are associated with a listener’s Apple ID and are specific to a country or region. For example, if a listener rates or posts a review with a Canadian Apple ID, that review or rating is only visible to other users in Canada. Listeners can see all of their ratings and reviews by tapping on their profile photo at the top of Listen Now, then Ratings and Reviews. They can swipe to remove a rating or review.

As a podcaster, you can read your ratings and reviews from all countries in Apple Podcasts Connect. You can also download reviews in an easy to use CSV file.

How ratings and reviews help your podcast

Ratings and reviews do not influence Charts or Search, but they can help listeners discover and engage with your show as they explore new podcasts. Many listeners look at ratings and reviews before choosing to listen to or follow a show, and quality reviews can also help convey that your show has a community of committed fans.

Reviews are a great way to have a dialogue with your listeners about your show, and it’s a free way for someone to show their support for your podcast.

Encouraging fans to write reviews

Invite listeners to leave a review by asking them on social media or throughout your show. Explain the reasons why leaving a rating or review helps your show. For example, they’re useful because you appreciate the direct feedback, they help listeners discover the show, and they establish an engaged audience which can attract new listeners.

Make this call to action stand out by asking for specific feedback. Invite listeners to leave a review describing:

  • What they like about the show
  • The episode that made them a regular listener
  • Their favorite guest or episode

Sample language:

  • “A free way to support our show is by leaving it a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. It’s a chance to tell us what you love about the show and it helps others discover it, too.”
  • “Hey longtime listeners, this week, we’re asking you to head over to Apple Podcasts and leave us a review telling us about your favorite episode of the show so far. We’ll take a look and share some of the fan favorites next week.“

Let your audience know they can easily leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts by scrolling down your show page, selecting a star rating, and tapping “Write a review.” Reviews are made available shortly after they are posted, and listeners can leave one review per show.

Reporting a review

If you see a review that contains offensive material, spam, or other content that violates Apple Media Services Terms and Conditionscontact us.