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Resources for podcast creators

Discover sites, newsletters, and experts that can help get your show started and inspire ways to elevate your podcast.

How to get started

How to Start a Podcast

Audio professionals from NPR’s Life Kit offer insights on everything from equipment to get you off the ground and how to sound natural as a host.

How to Create a Podcast for Beginners

Dustlight Productions founder Misha Euceph created this illustrated guide that takes you on the creator’s journey from audio idea to podcast premiere.

New York Times Audio Guide for Students

This article offers an introduction to the elements of podcasts, lessons on the art of the interview, and editing tips for beginners.

Dear Media

This podcast company offers articles to help beginners with segment ideas, interview questions, and content planning.

DIY: How to Make a Podcast

YR Media shares insights for young creators and tips to turn your podcast from an idea into a reality.

Lessons for LGBTQ People Looking to Start Their Own Podcast

Acast gathered LGBTQIA+ creators in podcasting together to talk tips and advice for developing and launching your own show.
Resources to explore

PRX Podcast Creator Summit

This free event, occurring May 15-17 in Washington, D.C. at WAMU is intended for early-stage podcasters. Attendees can expect in-person seminars, training, and networking opportunities spanning the art, business, and production of audio.

Podcasts in Color

Find shows by BIPOC creators and links to get a deeper understanding of the business of podcasting.

Association of Independents in Radio

Discover links for freelancer tools and connect with their creator community.

LWC Media

This digital media studio offers guides on topics like podcast story editing and audience development.


Get inspired with articles on tools, techniques, and insights from audio luminaries.

NPR Training

Check out this database of best practices, digital strategies, and advice to develop your sound.

Radio Boot Camp

Watch classes from audio creatives on everything from the basics of the business to a deep dive on story structure.

Podcasting, Seriously

LWC Studios highlights podcasts and audio projects from across the industry.

The Wave

Get podcast tips and recommendations from an audio company that is on a mission to help women tell their stories through podcasting.

Pacific Content

Find out the industry news and insights from experts to inspire your next episode and grow your skills.
Podcasts for podcasters

Sound School Podcast

Get podcasting 101 insights and hear the tales behind great audio storytelling.

She Podcasts

Check out advice from creators on how to grow your show, what it takes to monetize, and more.

The Pod Broads

Hear interviews with women in the podcast industry who share their experiences with impostor syndrome, challenging workplace culture, and more.


Learn how to refine your podcast techniques from audio to audience with tips from experts.

Podcasting Q&A

How do you find your niche? What’s the best way to boost engagement? Get answers from experts to help your show grow.

More on Apple Podcasts

Discover more shows about podcasting, curated by our editors.
Apple Podcasts insights

Podcast Hosting Providers

Search for a partner who can help you get your shows on Apple Podcasts.

Artwork Requirements

Explore our guidelines and templates to help you create compelling artwork that can attract new listeners.

Optimize Your Pitch for Podcast Promotion

Get tips on how to craft your promotional request to our editorial team just right to improve the chances of your show getting featured.

Apple Podcast Charts

Find out more about what the charts measure and the importance of reviews and ratings.

Search on Apple Podcasts

Learn how you can optimize your podcast and help the right audience find your podcast.

More Support

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