April 28, 2021

Site Manager migration to Apple Podcasts Connect

After a decade of service, iTunes Site Manager will soon be retired. At the end of May 2021, all shows managed in Site Manager will be migrated to the new Apple Podcasts Connect.

To prepare for the migration, review the following information:

  • If your shows have been submitted by multiple users, an account admin or the account owner will need to contact us to specify a single unified Apple ID to migrate the catalog to. If you manage shows across multiple Site Manager accounts, a unified Apple ID will need to be specified for each one.
    • You can specify your existing Apple ID or create a new Apple ID. Verify that your Apple ID is fully activated by adding a valid payment method and agreeing to the Apple Media Service Terms and Conditions.
    • If a unified Apple ID isn’t specified, you’ll be able to manage the shows submitted by your Apple ID by logging in to Apple Podcasts Connect at the end of May.
  • Review A Podcaster’s Guide to RSS to ensure that your shows contain all required tags and use the correct Apple Podcasts categories.
  • Download reports prior to migration. Site Manager reports will not be archived.
  • If Apple has been hosting your shows, your content will be migrated to Apple Podcasts Connect in May 2021. Shows with Apple-hosted content will continue to be available on Apple Podcasts, however, they cannot be updated. To continue updating your show, migrate your show to a third-party hosting solution which will allow you to update the RSS feed.

Once migrated, you’ll be able to manage your shows, create channels to group multiple shows together, and set up additional users and roles in Apple Podcasts Connect.