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Hosts and guests

Select shows in English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish display the name and images of hosts and guests across show and episode pages, making it easier to find related content to help fans dive deeper into the listening experience.

These features are now available for a subset of shows; more shows are routinely added. To prepare your show for eligibility:

  • Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect to review and accept the latest Terms of Service, if needed.
  • Identify the appropriate language in the show RSS feed.

Update existing host and guest images

If you’d like to update existing images, contact us. For multiple images, consider including an external link to a file-sharing service.

Use the following file naming conventions when submitting images:

Host images: Show ID - First Name Last Name
Example: 1303792223 - John Appleseed

Guest images: Show ID - Episode ID - First Name Last Name
Example: 1303792223 - 1000394194840 - John Appleseed

To find your show and episode ID, simply tap and select Copy Link from the menu. The first ID number is your show ID, the second is your episode ID.


Podcast guest photo release

Photo submissions for podcast guests must also include a signed photo release.

Host and guest image guidelines

When you submit an image, make sure it is accurately cropped and sized according to Apple guidelines. Only upload photos you have legal authorization to share. Images that do not meet the guidelines, or do not meet our presentation standards, may be rejected.

Size 3:4 aspect ratio, 1080 x 1440 pixels (width x height). Do not upscale images
File Format JPG or PNG


  • Fit the entire face of the person within the image.
  • Do not crop the face, ears, or chin.
  • Leave padding between edge of the image and the face.
  • Subject should face and look into the camera.
  • Use simple, nondistracting backgrounds.
  • Do not include typography, logos, or advertisements.
  • Avoid other faces in the image background.
  • Avoid images or themes not legal or appropriate for all countries, or that encourage unlawful conduct, or are otherwise obscene, objectionable, or in poor taste.
  • Do not include a border.
  • Keep the eyebrows and lips within the template guidelines, as shown below. Download the Host and Guest Image PSD template.