Manage Your Podcast

Transfer ownership of a podcast

Apple Podcasts Connect displays the shows associated with the Apple ID used to sign in.

If you don’t have access to a show in your Apple Podcasts Connect account, reach out to an Admin on your account to request access. Learn more about users and access.

If you’d like to gain ownership of a podcast outside of your account, or transfer one to another network or someone else’s account, contact us. The recipient must have an Apple Podcasts Connect account.

If the show belongs to a channel, it must be removed from the channel before it can be transferred. If the show was part of a channel subscription, existing subscribers will lose access to the show’s subscriber audio after it is removed from the channel. Any subscriber audio will be transferred to the new owner. After a subscription is added to the show or the show is added to a channel with a subscription, subscriber audio will be accessible again.

To remove a show from a channel in Apple Podcasts Connect:

  1. Select the channel.
  2. Click the minus sign (-) next to the show.
  3. Confirm the change.

Contacting Support

Before we can transfer a show, we’ll need to verify ownership. The process for this varies depending on how the show was created:

  • Apple Podcasts Connect: Any Admin with access to the show must initiate the transfer request by contacting us.
  • RSS feed: Our teams will ask you to update some items within the podcast RSS feed. You can update these details on your hosting provider’s platform or edit the metadata tags in your RSS feed.

Avoid delays in resolving your support request by providing the following:

  • Apple Podcasts URL
  • Apple Podcasts show ID
  • The podcast RSS feed URL
  • Your contact details (email address)
  • The Account ID of the new account