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Connect App Store subscriptions to Apple Podcasts

Make your app’s premium audio content available on Apple Podcasts

How it works

With iOS 17 listeners can connect their paid subscriptions to select apps on the App Store to enjoy new shows and additional premium audio benefits included as part of their existing subscriptions.

Connecting subscriptions

Listeners with in-app subscriptions to eligible apps will have their subscriptions automatically connected the next time they open Apple Podcasts. Listeners can also connect their subscriptions manually by signing in to their account from the app’s channel page on Apple Podcasts.

Discovering shows

Once a subscription is connected, listeners can browse all of the podcasts available to them from the Library tab. On each channel page, listeners can learn more about each show and follow any show to automatically download and be notified of new episodes as soon as they’re released. New episodes appear in Up Next on the Listen Now tab, where listeners can also find personalized recommendations for shows and episodes based on their active subscriptions and anonymized listening. Listeners can explore editorially curated recommendations on Browse and see the most popular free and subscriber shows on Apple Podcasts Charts.

Eligibility and requirements

Participating apps must have an active membership to the Apple Developer Program and Apple Podcasters Program and offer a subscription via App Store using in-app purchase. Apps that participate are subject to the same terms as those for auto-renewable subscriptions on the App Store.

Getting started

This new feature is available to Apple Developer Program members worldwide and subscriptions can be offered in 40 languages for over 170 countries and regions. Developers interested in making their premium audio content available on Apple Podcasts are encouraged to contact us.

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