Five new insights to help grow your subscription on Apple Podcasts

In January 2022, we published five insights to help creators like you launch and grow subscriptions on Apple Podcasts. Our tips included launching a subscription for your biggest show, leveraging extra content and early access to convert listeners to subscribers, and releasing subscription content at a regular cadence.

After releasing several new subscription features and seeing podcasters launch thousands of shows and channels with premium benefits, we’ve gathered additional insights to help grow your subscriptions even further.

1. Free trials convert listeners to subscribers.

Listeners want to sample your premium benefits before they subscribe. When you offer a free trial, you are two and a half times more likely to convert free listeners to paying subscribers.

You can choose and change the duration of your free trial, with a range of options, from three days to a full year. A common trial length is seven days. When you offer a free trial, make sure you’re publishing new subscriber content regularly so listeners have an opportunity to appreciate the value of your subscription during the trial window.

2. Annual plans are popular and effective.

In April 2022, we introduced annual plans, so you can give listeners the option to provide year-long support, often at a discounted rate. 

Annual plans are proving popular with subscribers. One-third of all new subscription sign-ups are for annual plans, and creators offering the biggest annual price discounts have the highest share of annual subscribers. A noteworthy advantage of gaining annual subscribers is that you get paid up front, and listeners can count on a full year’s worth of benefits. 

3. Subscribers listen and share more. 

Subscribers listen to more than two times as many shows per month than nonsubscribers. Subscribers are also more than two times as likely to share podcasts with people they know. Offering a subscription on Apple Podcasts invites the most engaged listeners to spend more time listening and help spread the word about your show.

4. Subscribers are more likely to finish your serialized show. 

Podcasts enjoy high completion rates relative to other forms of media. When it comes to subscriber content, engagement is even higher. For serial shows, subscribers are 20% more likely to reach the end of a series compared to nonsubscribers. Subscriptions give creators a way to engage more deeply with their biggest fans. 

5. Channels help subscribers discover and listen to your other shows. 

If you have multiple shows, you can group them into a channel for free. You can also offer a channel subscription with premium benefits for one or more of your shows. Listeners who subscribe to your channel are 20% more likely to listen to your other shows in your channel than nonsubscribers.

Need some inspiration on where to get started? Check out how to find your subscription strategy or register for a free virtual session.