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Apple Podcasts Charts

Apple Podcasts Charts present a dynamic view of the most popular and trending content on Apple Podcasts.

About the charts

With Apple Podcasts Charts, listeners can easily explore the Top Shows and Top Episodes available at that moment. Organized by market, charts can be filtered by category and are regularly refreshed throughout the day.

By default, each chart displays the top 200 latest results per market across all categories. Listeners can filter charts to a particular category by tapping All Categories from the top right and then selecting a specific category, such as News or Comedy. For example, a U.S. listener can view the Top Shows in Sports in the U.S as of that moment.

Find the charts

On iOS and iPadOS, listeners can easily find Top Charts on the Search tab. On macOS and tvOS, they’re located under Top Charts. Top Shows and Top Episodes are available in over 170 countries and regions.

What the charts measure

Apple Podcasts Charts reflect the most popular shows and episodes available in a given market and are designed to help people discover what to listen to next. They do not reflect all-time listening records and are not a measure of the largest podcasts by listenership.

While the exact algorithm cannot be shared to protect their integrity, the charts measure a mix of the following:

  • Listening: When listeners are engaging with episodes, it’s an indicator of content popularity.
  • Follows: When listeners follow a show to receive new episodes, it’s an indicator of their intent to listen.
  • Completion Rate: When listeners complete episodes, it’s an indicator of content quality.

Ratings, reviews, and shares

Although ratings, reviews, and shares also help indicate a podcast’s newness, popularity, and quality, they are not factored into the algorithm that determines the rankings for Top Shows and Top Episodes. In other words, they may not help people find a podcast on their own, but they influence whether people will listen or follow, and those factors influence the charts.

For these reasons, it’s important for creators to encourage listeners to leave a rating and review for their show on Apple Podcasts and share an episode with someone who will enjoy it.

The integrity of the charts

The charts account for additional characteristics to ensure all shows have a fair chance of ranking, so altering podcasts with the sole intent of increasing chart rankings is discouraged. Automatic downloads are not factored into rankings and rankings cannot be purchased or sold. Apple Podcasts monitors the charts regularly to ensure they reflect genuine user engagement.

As a reminder, encouraging or causing any activities that interfere with the integrity of Apple Podcasts are against the content guidelines. If you would like to report suspicious activities, or have any questions, contact us.

How to improve your ranking

What’s the best way to make your way on and up the charts? Make an incredible show that is unmissable for listeners!