Analytics best practices

To make the most out of the metrics presented in Analytics, pay close attention to the metadata included on your podcast. 

Here are suggested guidelines to ensure all calculations done in Analytics are easily available to you:

  • Include the episode’s total recorded time in the <itunes:duration> tag of the RSS feed. Analytics calculates consumption based on this metadata field. If you uploaded audio in Apple Podcasts Connect, the duration is calculated for you.
  • Ensure each episode includes an accurate launch date in the Release Date field in Apple Podcasts Connect or in the <pubDate> tag in your RSS feed. Depending on the date range you select in Analytics, certain episodes may not be displayed if the Release Date is outside the selected time frame. 
  • Use season and episode numbers to quickly identify episodes in your dashboard. Seasons and episodes should start with a non-zero integer (for example, 1, 2, 3, and so on), not “01” or “Season One.”
  • If you manage your show via RSS feed URL and delete and then relaunch an episode previously available on Apple Podcasts, ensure the original episode GUID is maintained. Otherwise, you’ll see a duplicate entry for the episode.