Marketing and Promotion

Link, promote, and learn with Linkfire

Promote your show and expand your audience with Linkfire, a leading marketing platform. Linkfire’s powerful marketing toolkit includes smart links and customizable landing pages.

Smart links from Linkfire give you a seamless way to promote your show around the globe, wherever it’s available. Each click on your Linkfire link goes to your customized landing page, allowing listeners to choose an app based on availability in their region.

Landing pages help listeners discover your podcast, recent episodes, and everything that goes along with your growing brand — like merchandise, social media channels, your newsletter, and even tickets for live events.

Access marketing insights with Linkfire

In addition to customizable landing pages, Linkfire helps you see the real-time effectiveness of marketing campaigns like never before. With Linkfire data, you can go beyond the standard download reports and get all-new insights to learn what’s driving the most listens, plays, and follows on Apple Podcasts. If you offer Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, you can also add an affiliate token to track subscription performance and receive commissions.

How to access Linkfire

  1. Visit Linkfire and click Get Started to create an account. Choose from a variety of plans, including a free plan and paid plans starting at $9.99 a month.
  2. Once your new account is created, log in to Linkfire, click Create Link, and choose Podcast.
  3. Add your Apple Podcasts source link so the Linkfire search engines can find your podcast across platforms.
  4. Customize your podcast landing page to include your website, newsletter, social media channels, and tickets to events.
  5. Share the link in all of your marketing channels such as social media posts and advertisements, and start gathering valuable insights.