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Using chapters on Apple Podcasts

Discover chapters

Chapters allow listeners to quickly browse and navigate to segments of an episode. When creators support chapters, listeners can find them by swiping up on the Now Playing screen on iOS and iPadOS or by clicking the Chapters button located in the top-right corner of Apple Podcasts for macOS.

Chapter-specific artwork

Creators can also provide chapter-specific artwork to enrich the listening experience. As listeners progress through an episode with chapter-specific artwork, they will see it displayed on the Now Playing screen and on the Lock Screen on iOS and iPadOS, providing a timely visual supplement to the current interview, conversation, or story.

Support chapters and chapter-specific artwork

Apple Podcasts supports chapters for MP4, MP3, and AAC files for podcasts available from the directory or manually added to Library using an RSS feed. Creators can specify chapters in the header of an MP4 file, or by modifying the ID3 tags of an MP3 or AAC file using third-party tools, such as Ferrite on iOS and iPadOS, Forecast by Overcast and Podcasts Chapters on macOS, and Vizzy on the web.