March 22, 2022

Apple Podcasts introduces Follower metrics, MP3 support for subscription audio, and more

Apple Podcasts is pleased to share the following updates to help creators measure their audience and monetize their shows. Some features are only available to members of the Apple Podcasters Program. Creators can sign up for the program of the Account page in Apple Podcasts Connect.

View Follower metrics

All creators will be able to view metrics for Followers in Apple Podcasts Connect beginning next month.

From the Analytics tab, creators will be able to view followers per show and easily measure followers across shows. Once selecting a show, they can quickly view the number of New Followers netted over the last week, month, 60 days, and all time. They can also see Time Listened as a percent of those following and not following the show. By navigating to the Trends menu, creators can view a graph of followers over time and the number of followers gained or lost on a specific day or during a specified range. Follower metrics are not displayed publicly.

Listeners who follow a show want to receive new episodes as they become available, so a show’s followers can serve as an indicator for those likely to subscribe. Creators, remember to encourage listeners to follow your show on Apple Podcasts and subscribe to support you and unlock a premium experience.

MP3 support for subscriber audio

In addition to high-quality WAV and FLAC files, Apple Podcasts now accepts MP3 files for subscriber audio. Creators in the Apple Podcasters Program can upload MP3 files through Apple Podcasts Connect.

Learn about our audio requirements for MP3 and how to create an episode.

Customize subscription banners

Now, creators can customize their subscription banners by adding customized promotional messages to channels and shows. For example, one show might offer and promote early access while another show in the channel might offer and promote archival access. Learn how to craft an effective banner with these best practices.

More new features

Apple Podcasts also recently launched the ability to browse shows by season and filter episodes by status. See what these look like and how they work.