March 15, 2022

iOS 15.4: What’s new for Apple Podcasts

iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and macOS 12.3 include the following updates for Apple Podcasts:

Browse by season on show pages. Quickly navigate to a specific season from the show page of any serialized show.

These filters appear on all serialized shows. The default filter displays the latest season. When listeners follow a show, Apple Podcasts displays the season they’re currently listening to. On any show page, tap See All on the right, then swipe at the top to navigate by season and status.

Note: Serialized shows are those designed to be listened to in sequential order. When creators set their show type to serialized, Apple Podcasts displays the first episode at the top of the show page and the final episode at the bottom. Episode numbers are also displayed above episode titles to help listeners start from the right place. Include episode numbers in the corresponding metadata fields, not in the episode titles. When serialized shows are further organized into seasons, the newest season will be presented first.

Filter episodes by status on show pages. You can also now filter episodes by their status — played, unplayed, downloaded, or saved — from show pages. 

These filters appear on all shows you follow — episodic and serialized — and for shows with episodes saved in your Library. Apple Podcasts will display “All Episodes” by default. When you adjust the filter on a show page, Apple Podcasts remembers your last set status filter when you revisit that show page.

Tip: If you’re looking to only display unplayed episodes across all of your shows, go to the Settings app on iPhone or iPad and select Podcasts, then switch on Hide Played Episodes to hide all played episodes for all your shows. On Mac, go to Podcasts > Preferences > Advanced and select the Hide Played Episodes checkbox. Now, navigate to a show page, and filter from “All Episodes” to “Unplayed.” With these preferences, you’ll now see unplayed episodes for followed shows by default.